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Welcome to our guide to both Greece and Athens, the complete resource for any visitor to Greece.

Our guides to Athens and Greece

Athens Greece guide is the complete travel and tourist guide for any visitor or tourist to Athens Greece. Our guide to Athens gives detailed information on all the major attractions, monuments and what to see places in the Greek capital. Athens Greece guide also has information on the ultra modern Athens airport and Athens metro and bus services to make traveling to, and around Athens easy.

Around mainland Greece


Athens Greece guide doesn't just give travel information about Athens but about mainland Greece as well. Our travel guide to Greece covers places such as Zagoria in Epirus, north west Greece, an unspoilt wilderness with the best hiking in Greece. This unknown part of Greece is home to some of the few remaining wild European Brown Bears and the Vikos gorge, The deepest gorge in the world. Also in north west Greece there is the town of Parga, one of the best kept secrets in Greece. This small town has an island like feel to it and some of best beaches in Greece.

The Islands of Greece


We also have guides to the beautiful Greek islands, from the famous islands of the Cyclades like Santorini and Mykonos to the popular holiday resorts of Corfu in the Ionian islands. The Greek islands are some the most popular destinations in the world and has every kind of accomodation and hotels you can imagine from 5 star all inclusive to budget travel bed and breakfast, if you like to rough it or are island hopping then nearly all the resorts have camp sites. For more information about accomodation click here.

The Greek islands not only have great beaches but amazing ancient sites to visit like Knossos in Crete or the Minoan site of Akrotiri on Santorini that was destroyed by a volcano and preserved under volcanic ash just lik Pompeii in Italy.

Ancient monuments and Archeological sites in Athens

Temple of Nike, Acropolis

With over 4000 years of history there is no shortage of things to see in Athens, no more so than the Acropolis rock towering over Athens and its suburbs, with such famous buildings as the Parthenon the most famous building in both Athens and Greece. Just next to the Acropolis is the tranquil ancient Agora, the hub of ancient Athens, once bustling with people with everything from shops to law courts, now a green oasis in the middle of Athens. Other famous ancient sites and monuments include; the Roman agora, the ancient Roman market of Athens; Kerameikos, the cemetery of ancient Athens; the Temple of Zeus and Hadrians arch built by Emperor Hadrian to distinguish between Roman Athens and Greek Athens. The area also has some of the most popular hotels all close to the ancient monuments, which is great for sightseeing and some of the most amazing views in Athens.

Central Athens
Plaka and Monastiraki

Parga in north-west Greece

Walk around the labyrinth like streets of Plaka, the oldest part Athens, on the slopes of the Acropolis souvenir hunting or trying out one of the many tavernas. Plaka's white-washed houses and small winding streets will make you feel like you're visiting a small Aegean island and not in the middle of Athens. Look for bargins in the bazaar like flea market in Monastiraki, this old part of Athens was the centre of Ottoman Athens, the two mosques there are proof of this. If flea markets is not your thing then try out Ermou street between Monastiraki and Syntagma, here you will find all your major stores and designer shops.

Central Athens
Syntagma, Zappeion and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Lykavittos hill, chapel of Agios Georgios

See the most famous square in Athens and Greece, Syntagma, once the palace garden now the hub of Athens. Across the road from Syntagma is the Vouli (Greek parliment building) there is the tomb of the unkown soldier where you can see the Evzones guard in their tradional uniform. Just down from syntagma is the Kalimarmaro or Panathanaikos stadium which was built to hold the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1895. Also in this area is the Zappeion a conference building and the National Gardens one of the largest areas of park and greenery in Athens.

Central Athens
Lykavittos Hil

Take the Funicular up to Lykavittos hill, the highest point in Athens, from the viewing terrace you can see the whole of Athens sprawled out below. At 277 metres you have great views of some of the famous monuments in Athens including the Acropolis and Parthenon, Kalimarmaro stadium and the Temple of Zeus.

The Acropolis of Athens

The sites around the Acropolis such as Philopappos hill, Areopagus Hill and Pnyx Hill are great places to go to get away from the crowds in Athens. Areopagus is opposite the Acropolis, while Philopappos and the Pnynx hill are off Apostolou Pavlou/Areopagou street. Both of these places are off the beaten track and have plenty of trees and greenery, and great views of the Acropolis and Athens.

World famous museums

Statue of Poseidon, National Archaeological Museum, Athens

The National archaeological museum and Acropolis museum are the most important museums in Athens and Greece and two of the top museums in the world, they are also two of the most visted places in Athens not surprising in a city and country so steeped in history as Athens and Greece. There are also many smaller museums to visit like the Benaki or War museum, both less know but still very important with artefacts from the history of Greece.

Beaches and Diving near Athens

If the heat of Athens gets too much visit some of the beaches around Athens, you don't need to go to the Greek islands for great beaches. Try out scuba diving with some of the many dive clubs in Athens and Greece, the best dives being along the east coast south of Athens. Athens Greece guide goes into detail about the law and diving in Athens and Greece.

Day Trips from Athens - Delphi, Mycenae, Sounio, Epidauros

Delphi, greece

If the sights of Athens isn't enough for you then there are plenty of day trips to other places in Greece. South of Athens is Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon, further afield is the pretty town of Nafplio, once the capital of Greece while Athens was still occupied by the Turks. If your interested in archaeological sites there are all kinds of day trips to places like; Delphi, in central Greece; Mycenae, the bronze age citadel; the theatre of Epidaurus and Corinth, in the Peloponnese, all are with in a two hour drive from Athens. If you just want to get out of the centre of Athens then vist Piraeus the port of Athens and stroll round the harbour or catch a ferry to the island of Salamina. It is Piraeus that connects Athens to all the Greek islands and the best place to start if you want do some island hopping.

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