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The Acropolis Museum


The Acropolis Museum Athens

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The new Acropolis museum opened on June the 21st 2009, replacing the old museum that was actually on the Acropolis. The old museum became too small as new excavations kept finding more artefacts.

The Acropolis museum is now just across the road from the Acropolis to the south-east (280m as the crow flies) on Dionysiou Areopagitou street. It took three tower cranes to transport all the museum artefacts from the Acropolis rock to the new museum.

The new Acropolis Museum Athens

was designed by the Architect Bernard Tschumi and is built on pillars as it is located on an archeological site of two layers of residential houses and shops dating from the classical and Byzantine periods. The archeological site can be seen from gaps left in the floor creating balconies looking down into the excavation. On the first floor inside the museum the floor is made of glass so you can view the site below as walk through the museum. The museum itself is made largely from glass and so uses natural light very well.

The museum is split into five galleries

The Gallery of the slopes

The Gallery of the slopes of the Acropolis is the first gallery when you enter, parts of the floor are made of glass so you can see the excavations below. This gallery exhibits that were found on the slopes of the Acropolis rock.

The Archaic Gallery

The Archaic Gallery exhibits finds from the 7th century BC to about 480/79 BC. Most of the exhibits here are 3-dimensional and can be seen from all angles making use of the natural light.

acropolis museum, Archeological site below museum

The Parthenon Gallery

The Parthenon Gallery is on the 3rd floor and shows exhibits from the actual Parthenon like friezes, there are even cast copies of friezes which are now overseas such as the British museum (Elgin marbles) and the Louvre. There is also a video to watch in this gallery about the history of the Acropolis from its early beginnings, how the Parthenon was built, all the way up to modern times.

The Gallery of the Propylaia, Athena Nike, and Erchtheion

The Gallery of the Propylaia, Athena Nike, and Erchtheion is the gallery that descends down from the 3rd floor. The gallery exhibits artefacts from the Propylaia (gate), Temple of Nike and the Erechtheion.

The Gallery from the 5th century BC to the 5th century AD

The Gallery from the 5th century BC to the 5th century AD is on the north side of the first floor and exhibits not only ancient Greek but Hellenistic and Roman artefacts.

The museum also has a restaurant on the 2nd floor with great views of the Acropolis from the huge terrace. There is also a cafe and shop on the first floor and another shop on the 2nd.

Information on the Acropolis Museum

Location: 15 Dionysiou Areopgitou street, 11742. A stones throw from the Acropolis as the crow flies, but about a five minute walk from the main Acropolis entrance.

Nearest Metro Station: Acropolis. The museum is actually next to the station.

Entrance Fee: 2 euros, but this and other sites are free if you buy the entrance ticket to the Acropolis and is valid for 7 days.

Opening hours: (summer and winter) Tue - Sun 08:00 - 20:00. Closed on all public holidays.

Tips: Many of the Museums in Greece, especially the Acropolis Museum seem to put flesh on to the bones of the Archaeological sites which can seem a little bare until you visit the museums.