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The Island of Mykonos



famous windmills in Mykonos

Mykonos is situated in the center of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean just south of Tinos. Mykonos is easily one of the most famous Greek islands known throughout the world for its bars, clubs, nightlife and its beautiful sandy beaches, thousands of visitors from all over the globe visit every summer.

Mykonos has a population of less than 10,000 people, but this figure is increased quite a lot during the summer months, the majority of the islanders live in the main town, Mykonos, sometimes known as Chora on the west side of the island.

At one time Mykonos was always associated with the jet set and celebrates, but nowadays the island is hot spot for the young coming for the amazing nightlife and couples on their honeymoon, easily on par with places like Ibiza. Mykonos attracts some of the top DJ's in the world and has been recently voted one top destination in Europe.

Mykonos still has the typical Cyladic appearance as all the other islands in the region with the cube like white houses with blue doors and windows, the famous windmills etc. The once expensive chic homes of the jet set has now given way to the much more modest lodgings and hotels to accommodate the new type of visitor of Mykonos. Although you may find the prices in Mykonos a lot more expensive than on other islands in Greece.

History of Mykonos

The history of Mykonos isn't really that interesting, it was first populated by people over 5000 years ago, but it wasn't until 1100 BC that it was first populated by Ionian Greeks. According to the ancient Greek myths Mykonos is the site of the battle between Zeus and the Titans. The island takes its name from the Grandson of Apollo Mykonos who was also the first ruler of the island. The myths also say it is where Hercules killed the giants. Like the rest of the Cyclades Mykonos was occupied by the Venetians for hundreds of years then slipping into Turkish hands until the Greek revelution.

Mykonos Town (Chora)

harbour, Mykonos

The main town of Mykonos has still kept its traditional feel and look despite the mass tourism, this has been helped by the tough construction laws on the island. The town still has the picturesque harbour and the maze of streets full of the typical white-washed house and painted stairways, the many pretty little churches and the chic restaurants and bars, it is easy to see the original charm of Mykonos. Mykonos town is actually quite unique to the Cyclades as the streets and buildings have a more medieval feel to them. Most of the newer buildings and hotels have been built at the edge of the town. If you get bored of partying Mykonos town does have five museums to visit, the most important ones being the maritime, archaeological and folk museum.

Most of the more famous and popular sites of Chora (Mykonos) are in the west of the town such as the windmills, little Venice and the Paraportiani church all in the Castro district.

Little Venice and Castro

little Venice, Mykonos

Alefkandra is one of the prettiest and most unique parts of Mykonos, in this medieval part of Mykonos houses,bright colored balconies and street practically hang over the water's edge very similar to Venice, hence the name 'little Venice. The area is also home to the famous five windmills seen on so many post cards, these date back to the 17th century and you get great views of little Venice and of the sunset. One of the most important sights of little Venice is the Paraportiani church, once again you will have seen many postcards picturing the white washed church. The church is actually five chapels all in the same complex, only one of these is open to visitors. The church dates back to 1425.

Villages in Mykonos

Although most visitors to Mykonos stay in the main town it is worth travelling out to some of the small villages around the island. These are all traditional Cycladic villages, white washed cube like house.

Nightlife of Mykonos

The night life of Mykonos is easily one of the best in the world, it attracts all the top DJs and producers, the partying starts in the many beach bars which practically turn into nightclubs at night. Most of the major clubs and bars are in the main town, Chora, although you will find others throughout the island. The prices of the bars and clubs are very expensive compared to other islands so be prepared. Mykonos is also famous for having a lot of gay visitors, this is true and it is a very gay friendly place with quite a few gay bars and clubs.

Beaches of Mykonos

Mykonos does have many fantastic sandy beaches all over the island, the water of the Aegean is clear blue and warm, perfect, the only problem is most are crowded. If you want quiet secluded beaches then you probably won't find them on Mykonos. If nudist beaches are you thing then Mykonos does have some of these.

Mykonos - Information

Mykonos is the most famous of the Greek islands, once it was a playground for the rich and famous, now a party capital for the young.

Location - Mykonos is in the centre of the Cyclades islands, South-East of Athens

Travelling to Mykonos: Mykonos has an international airport, with flights coming and going from all over the world, especially during the summer. You can take ferries from Piraeus in Athens or from Rafina in Attica, the ferries take between 3 and 5 hours depending on which one you take. Between April and October there are many ferries but in the winter months the number of ferries drop quite a lot.

Tips: If you are traveling to Mykonos from Athens airport you are probably best to take the ferry from Rafina as it is closer. Be prepared for high prices in Mykonos, it is a lot more expensive than other parts of Greece.

Paraportiani church, Mykonos

The Island of Mykonos

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