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Nafplio the first capital of modern Greece

Nafplio, Harbour


Nafplio is without doubt the most beautiful town in Greece. The towns mixed history and occupation, especially Venetian, has left its mark on with the large public squares, narrow streets, Italian style balconies with flower baskets and attractive harbour - its easy to see the Venetian influence.

Nafplio is at the southern end of the Argaloid in the Peloponnese. The town became an important port in the Peloponese after the 13th century and was fought over many times by the Turks and the Venetians. The Venetian influence is best seen in the west of the town and is from their second occupation of Nafplio 1686-1715.

Nafplio became the capital of the liberated Greece from 1829 until 1834 when the honour was given to Athens. Greece' first President the Kapodistrias lived and eventually assassinated in Nafplio.

Bourtz, Nafplio Harbour, greece


Venetian Fortress

The Bourtz is a Venetian island fortress which guarded the bay and channel into Nafplio. The whole channel could be closed off with a chain attached to the island to the town and harbour.


Venetian Citadel

The Palimidi fortress looms over Nafplio, this huge Venetian citadel was built between 17711 and 1714. The Palimidi was a curtain wall attaching seven forts and is the largest of its kind in Greece.

The fortress was built to withstand any contemporary artillery, but it still fell twice, once to the Turks and once to rebel Greeks fighting the Turks. On one of the forts - Andrea - is a Lion of St Marks relief above the main gate as this fort was used as the Venetian headquarters. The walk to the top of Palimidi is tiring, but the views of the town are breathtaking - especially from Piazza d'armi.

Palimidi, Nafplio


Byzantine Nafplio

Acronafplia was where the Byzantine and medieval town was located. There are also four Venetian castles and a catholic church there. The first castle from the west called "Castle of the Greeks" was the original ancient Acropolis of the town - now a clock tower stands in its place.

Nafplio - The prettiest town in Greece

Nafplio was the first capital of the newly independent Greece until it was decided that Athens should be the capital. The town is one of the prettiest in Greece with influences comming from the Venetians, Turks and Greeks.

Location - South of Mycenae and Corinth in North-East Peloponnese.

Tips: Try and make the day of it as there are other places to visit near Mycenae, such as Nafplio, Epidaurus, Corinth and Nemea.