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Ancient harbour, Piraeus

Piraeus the port of Athens

Piraeus the port of Athens is the 3rd largest city in Greece after Athens and Thesaloniki and one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean.

The Piraeus has always been the port of Athens and in 480Bc Themostokles had huge walls joining the port to Athens. The walls were eventually destroyed by the Romans under Sulla. By the middle ages Piraeus had become nothing more than a small fishing village, but when Athens became the capital in 1834 piraeus was rejuvenated with the building of neoclassical buildings and modern factories. During the 1920's there was an influx of Greek refugees from Asia minor due to the swapping of populations with Turkey. Many of these refugees stayed in Piraeus increasing the size of the port even more.


It is from the main harbour in Piraeus that all the ferries leave for the many Greek islands. The Mikrolimano harbour is the most pleasant part of the port, the harbour is full of millionaire Yachts docked next to tiny Greek fishing boats. The walk around the harbour is very relaxing and popular with many Athenians. You can even see some remains of the ancient harbour during the walk around Mikrolimano as it was the site of the ancient harbour.


The streets around the harbour are full of seafood tavernas and are quite a good standard. Piraeus also has its own Archaeological museum with finds from the port such as an ancient sunken ship that was on its way to Italy found in the 1930's. There is also a naval museum which has model ships of everything from ancient Tiremes to modern battleships, displays of great naval battles throughout Greek history.

Information on Piraeus the port of Athens

Any visitor to Athens should visit the Piraeus, walk around the huge harbour full of millionaire yachts or relax in one of the fish Tavernas along the water front.

Location: Piraeus is to the west of Athens, although it is a part of Athens Piraeus is governed almost as a separate city, (the third largest in Greece.)

Nearest Metro Station: Piraeus, Line 1