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The kalimarmaro or Panathinaikos Stadium


The kalimarmaro or Panathinaikos Stadium

The Kalimarmaro Stadium, Athens

The Kalimarmaro Stadium or sometimes known as the Panathinaikos stadium is a huge marble stadium most famously used for the first modern Olympic games held in Athens in 1895.

The modern stadium sits on the original site of the Panathenaic stadium built by Lykourgos in 330-229 BC and has been reconstructed three times since then.

It was first reconstructed by Hadrian in 76-138 AD for holding Gladiatorial contests.

The second time the stadium was reconstructed was by a wealthy Roman called Herodes Atticus for the Panathenaic games in AD 144 out of white marble. Over the next 1800 years the the stadium was mined for marble and left in disrepair.

The first modern Olympics in 1895

The 3rd and present construction of the stadium came about in 1895 when Georgios Aerof gave four million Drachmes in gold to restore the stadium for use in the first modern Olympic games which began in Athens on the 5th of April 1895.

The The Kalimarmaro Stadium or Panathinaikos stadium, Athens

The stadium was designed by Anastasios Metaxas and is a exact replica of the stadium built by Herodes Atticus in the 1st century AD, using Pausanias' description of it in his guide to Greece. They even used the same type of white Pentelic marble.

The structure is 204M (669ft) long and 83M (272ft) wide with a seating capacity of 60,000.

Before being rebuilt for the Olympics the site was excavate in 1869 and 1878. Most the finds are now in the National Archeological museum, such as a double headed statue of Apollo and Hermes (used to divide the running track down its length).

The Kalimarmaro or Panathinaikos Stadium - Information

The Kalimarmaro Stadium or Panathinaikos stadium, Athens

Location: Leoforos Vasillssis Konstantinou street.

Nearest Metro Station: Acropolis.

Entrance Fee: There is no entrance fee to vist the stadium.

Opening hours: The Kalimarmaro stadium is always open.